July Scribbler Unboxing: Setting!

It's time for our my fifth (!!) unboxing of Scribbler, a subscription box created by writers, for writers! Each month the box comes with writing tips and tricks, a new book, tons of cute supplies, and also an exclusive online video call invitation with someone involved in the writing/publishing fields. And boxes are only $30 a month -- and there are tons of pre-paid packages to choose from! So definitely head over to their website if you're interested.

Now, time to unpack the July box! July's theme was Setting. I'm not really very good at establishing a setting in my story -- either I make it too vague, or I over-explain everything waaay too much. So I'm glad that this box was able to show me how to work on setting much better! Let's get into its contents:

1. This month's writing passport!
An adorable little booklet that gives tons of super helpful information regarding successful scene building. (Plus, purple is my favorite color, so I looooooved this!)

2. An exclusive invitation for a Skype chat with a literary agent!
Another thing that comes with the box each month is an exclusive Skype invitation for a chat with someone involved in the publishing field -- this month, it's a literary agent, which makes me suuuuper excited!!

3. A writing exercise card!
This month's practice card involved describing a character's setting from their point of view using the five senses. It really worked my brain and forced me to get creative!

4. This adorable writing coaster!
I can't wait for some delicious nights of hot chocolate while using this coaster and writing by the lamplight!!

5. A "Writing Goals" notepad!
So now I don't have any excuse for not staying on track with my daily writing -- because this custom notepad holds me accountable for everything.

6. A "Go Away, I'm Writing" sticker!
Which I will definitely be utilizing. 

7. An inside look at the publishing process!
While I do have to keep the content of this packet a secret, I can confirm that it was filmed with a lot of awesome information on how to present your book to an agent or an editor through being really descriptive and interesting while still keeping it short and sweet!

8. A bag of coffee!
Which smells so delicious, let me tell you. It's been sitting on my desk and it's been making my whole room smell amazing and calm and cozy.

9. This month's book!
Which I can't wait to start!

Overall, I really enjoyed the July box -- there were tons of awesome and adorable things that I can't wait to use (especially that amazing coaster)!

And now it's time to enjoy my July box while eagerly awaiting the August box, whose theme is Tackling Tension! 

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  1. This is a great unboxing post! It's cool that you got an invite to chat with a literary agent! I love the notepad and the sticker - they'll both come in handy. I hope you have fun reading "The Myth of Perpetual Summer!"


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