June Scribbler Unboxing: Research!

It's time for our my third unboxing of Scribbler, a subscription box created by writers, for writers! Each month the box comes with writing tips and tricks, a new book, tons of cute supplies, and also an exclusive online video call invitation with someone involved in the writing/publishing fields. And boxes are only $30 a month -- and there are tons of pre-paid packages to choose from! So definitely head over to their website if you're interested.

Now, time to unpack the May box! June's theme was Research. I was really excited when I found out about this one, because I've always struggled with tackling the research portion of writing my stories, so I knew there would be a lot of information in this book that I could benefit from. So without further ado, here's what the box looks like, and here's what came inside:


1. This month's writing passport!
An adorable little booklet that gives tons of super helpful information regarding successful writing research.

2. An exclusive invitation for a Skype chat with Hilary Van Dusen!
Another thing that comes with the box each month is an exclusive Skype invitation for a chat with someone involved in the publishing field -- this month, it's Candlewick Press's executive editor, Hilary Van Dusen!

3. An "elevator pitch" practice card!
A practice card was included so I can practice describing my story in 2 sentences or less, as a way to captivate editors and agents! I'll definitely be putting this to good use!

4. A writing door sign!
I absolutely love this little door sign that I will absolutely be putting to good use when I'm hard at work writing! On the back, we also got a code to redeem a free copy of Beth Revis's Paper Hearts, a book containing all sorts of important information about the publishing industry.

5. An adorable tote!
It reads "Dream, Write, Edit, Repeat" -- AKA a mantra I work hard to try to follow! This will definitely make trips to the library much easier. :-)

6. An editor recommendation card!
For the first time, Scribbler has started to include little cards each month that highlight a different editor each time, talking about their work as an editor and the types of stories they like receiving. Lucky for me, Heather Howland is into contemporary romance -- which is great for the new project I've started working on!

7. A "Stop Wishing and Start Doing" magnetic bookmark!
The perfect inspiration for when I open a book to try to procrastinate with my daily writing. Now I'll always be reminded and inspired, LOL!

8. An inside look at publishing from Beth Revis!
I can't show the actual information since it's confidential/for subscribers only, but here's the introduction to the little packet they put together, containing some inside information from author Beth Revis about how much work drafting and completing a story can actually be!

9. A signed copy of The Button War by Avi!
It sounds super interesting and I can't wait to start it!

10. A fancy red editing pen!
For when I finally print Draft Zero and start marking it up! *heart eyes*

11. An exclusive coupon for Half Price Books! 
Which means I just HAVE to buy a new book, of course.

Overall, I really enjoyed opening the June box -- I definitely learned a lot about a subject that I really wanted to brush up on. This box just keeps getting better and better, and I'm honestly so in love with it and I'm so glad that I chose to keep my subscription for another 3 months. This is super great! 

And now it's time to enjoy my June box while eagerly awaiting the July box, whose theme is Setting! 

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