Let's Talk: Blogging Together

Blogging Together 

(Yes, that's us...yikes!)

We both live pretty hectic lives and without each other, this blog wouldn't be running right now. Here is our take about blogging with each other: 


None of my posts would get done if I didn't have Jessica to remind me. I have a horrible memory and constantly forget to set up blitz, tours, and write reviews unless I am sometimes reminded by Jess. For example: I read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard in September. Jessica reminded me tons of times to write my review, I always said "later", I wouldn't forget, and guess what? My review never got written and now I have to reread Red Queen (Which I am not complaining about because I loved that book!) so I can review it. So thanks Jess for all the reminding you do! I love having a co-blogger. There are two of us reading and writing posts. so it isn't as hard for us to post everyday - we always get stuff done months in advance. Sometimes we end up posting twice a day. Blogging together, we got so much closer then we already were. My advice is: If you are thinking about finding a co-blogger or opening up a blog with someone else, I say do it! 


My favorite part of having a co-blogger is that I have someone to help me out. I've thought countless times about how crazy my life would be if I had to run this blog by myself. Amber and I are good friends in general, but we've gotten so much closer through the blog. It's great having a co-blogger because you have someone to lean on when you aren't able to get things taken care of yourself. For example, this past summer I went away for an entire week. If I was a single blogger, I would have had to spend my entire week before vacation cramming stuff in to schedule to post while I'm away. Or I would have had to take a leave for a week, which isn't really desirable, either. Instead, I knew I had Amber to count on to keep the blog alive and running throughout the entire week I was gone. It's just great - that's the only word I can think of for having a co-blogger. Seriously great. Co-blogging with one of my closest friends is seriously so cool, and I'm so, so thankful to have her. If you're struggling running a blog by yourself, I agree with Amber when she said to team up with someone. It never hurts to have another person to help you out, and you get so much closer when you do, too.

(Us and our friend Emily!)

So now, we have some questions for you! Check out what we want to hear from you and add your replies to the comments below:

*If you do have a co-blogger, what's life like blogging together?
*If you don't have a co-blogger, do you wish you did? Why or why not?
*In your opinion, do you think blogs run better with more than one blogger or only with one? Why?


  1. I think the idea of having a co-blogger sounds fantastic, even more when it's a good friend of yours! Sounds even more amazing when I think of either busting my arse getting post scheduled during my vacation or having to simply put the blog on hiatus like I did last October...

    1. Exactly! Having a co-blogger is great when you know you'll be occupied with a trip/event/etc. and won't be able to run the blog. It doesn't just stop because you do!! -Jessica

  2. I used to co-blog with someone and it was great! We didn't have the stress of posting as often and we could rely on each other a bit. But now I blog alone and although sometimes I wish that there was someone else to blog with me, I feel really proud to say that my blog is completely my own. I definitely don't post everyday, but at the moment, I'm still managing to post at least three times a week which is pretty good! Maybe one day I will consider getting a co-blogger... Great post guys :)

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  4. Rachel and I have a very different kind of co-blogging situation, but I agree with all of your points!


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