ARC Review: Surviving Ice by K.A. Tucker

Title: Surviving Ice (Burying Water #4) 
Author: K.A. Tucker
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance  
Source: NetGalley 
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: October 27th 2015
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Ivy, a talented tattoo artist who spent the early part of her twenties on the move, is finally looking for a place to call home. She thinks she might have found it in San Francisco, but all that changes when she witnesses a terrible crime. She’s ready to pack up her things yet again, when a random encounter with a stranger keeps her in the city, giving her reason to stay after all. That is, until Ivy discovers that their encounter wasn’t random. Not at all...


I am still giggling from the last page of the book (That I happened to finish 5 days ago...) It was such an Ivy thing to do. I went out on a limb reading a NA from an author I never heard of, and starting it in the middle of a series. But I am glad to say that I really enjoyed Surviving Ice

The biggest thing that stood out in this book is Ivy, her strength and the icy exterior that she built for herself. She is sassy, quick tongued and doesn't let others stand in the way of the things she wants.  Some are qualities that most characters loose as they get close to the love interest, but I love that K.A. let Ivy keep the most important qualities about herself. We get to know about Sebastian's mission from the start, nothing is hidden from the reader. He is built, hot, and ex-military. As the reader, I wanted to hate Sebastian for lying to Ivy and the things he had to hide from her. But I couldn't. 

Typically books with insta-lust bother me. I don't know why. It happens in real life too. But in this case it didn't. I think it was able to push the story along. Ivy wasn't the girl who likes to be wined and dined, so the whole "you're really hot, and I want to do you." thing worked. My only problem was the sex in Surviving Ice. It seemed very rushed, like it was only put in to mark some mile stone or because it had to be. Honestly, it was a bit of a let down. I expected a little more. 

Overall I really enjoyed Surviving Ice. Sebastian and Ivy's easy banter, and romance was enjoyable to read about, and I wish there was more. This book can be read as a standalone (Which I did!) and not miss anything important! 


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  1. Glad you enjoyed this one! K.A. Tucker is one of my favorite authors. Love her! It'll be a while before I get to this one. I have a thing about reading them in order...can't help it. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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