You Asked, We Answered - Q & A!

You Asked, We Answered!

We spend so much time talking to all of you guys about your lives, and it suddenly dawned on us that we haven't really had much time to talk to you about ourselves! So a few weeks ago we put out a Tweet into the Twitterverse telling you guys to ask us any questions that you want us to answer, book-related and not! So that's exactly what we did. We hope you guys enjoy this post and it helps you to know a little more about us!

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What aspects of college/post high-school are you looking forward to?

Jessica: I'm looking forward to the independence and the dorm life. I've always been a pretty independent person, and I'm super in love with the college that I've chosen -- it seriously couldn't be a better fit for me. So I'm just excited as a whole to start the next chapter of my life! (Haha, get it? Chapter? A book blog? ...No? Okay.)

Amber: My post high school plans are going to beauty school. For the past few years makeup had interested me more and more, and I want to be able to make a career out of it. Right now, I am not cut out for college with things that happened the past few months. I'm deferring from my top college for a year before I go to get my degree in Business. 

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What will you be studying?

Jessica: I haven't officially declared or anything, but right now it's looking like I'm going to be an English major with a double minor in Marketing and Creative Writing. (The perfect cocktail of degrees for the publishing world.)

Amber: Makeup! Publishing! Business! Medicine! *Rolls the magic eight ball* ask again later! 

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How did you two become friends?

Jessica: I met Amber when I was five years old - we were in the same kindergarten class!

Amber: What she said. I was actually really jealous of Jessica's backpack.

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On average, how long does it take you to read a book?

Jessica: During the school year, a week if I'm lucky. When I have down time and it's the summer and I have a lot more time to read, three days at most.

Amber: It varies on the book, currently like a week. But once Blue and Gold ends probably a day or two. In the summer I knock books back pretty fast, but I have to get a job so the future of my reading habits are unclear at the moment. 

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How often do you go to the library?

Jessica: I used to go at least once a week, but once we got into blogging I've had so many books and ARCs sent to my house that I maybe go once a month now, if that, because I spend so much time reading the books that we were sent.

Amber: Never. I am always back loaded with ARCs. Maybe once a year? 

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Are there times that you guys disagree on what to post or where to take your blog? How do you work so well together?

Jessica: We definitely disagree on things from time to time - as we should, because that's what collaborators do. We never actually get mad at each other, though. We occasionally have clashing opinions about what post to do, or a meme, or (most frequently, LOL) changing the layout of the blog. But the reason we work so well together is, in my opinion, because we've been friends off of the internet world for such a long time. So we talk things out and find a middle ground and make it work, because in the end we both have equal ownership of this blog and nobody's opinion is more valuable than the other.

Amber: Here goes Jessica stealing my answers *sigh*

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What would you guys cook for Chef Ramsay as a signature dish?

Jessica: Oh man, he'd definitely hate me because I can't cook. But I come from a big Italian family, so maybe some sauce? I think I could make some relatively decent sauce.

Amber: Please look at the GIF below, that  is me. 

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What's the best moment you've experienced in your time blogging?

Jessica: BookCon, hands down. I can't make it this year because it's so far away from us, but next year I'll be able to go and I am just so excited. I love all of the panels and meeting all of the authors and amazing blogger friends that we spend so much time talking to online! It's seriously great.

Amber: Bookcon too, but the one time that HarperTeen sent us book mail was pretty awesome too! 

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We'd like to thank everybody that asked us some of these awesome questions! If you have any other questions you want us to answer, we'd totally be open to doing another post - just put your questions in the comments down below! :-)

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