The New Authors On The Block: Introducing March Debut Christy Lenzi + Giveaway

Welcome to the third month of The New Authors on The Block!  This month we are introducing: 

Christy Lenzi the author of Stone Field ! 

About Christy: 

Christy Lenzi first stuffed a note into an aspirin bottle and threw it in the creek when she was eleven, hoping her words would reach someone out in the big world. Eventually her notes got longer and turned into books. One of her favorite things to do is to ride her motor scooter, Roxanne, down a winding road at sunset. Christy lives in California’s Central Valley with her family.

Connect with Christy: Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Pinterest

About Stone Field:

Title: Stone Field 
Author: Christy Lenzi
Genre: Historical Fiction, Retelling, Romance
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Publication Date: March 29th 2016

In a small town on the brink of the Civil War, Catrina finds a man making strange patterns in her family’s sorghum crop. He’s mad with fever, naked, and strikingly beautiful. He has no memory of who he is or what he’s done before Catrina found him in Stone Field. But that doesn’t bother Catrina because she doesn’t like thinking about the things she’s done before either. Catrina and Stonefield fall passionately, dangerously, in love. All they want is to live with each other, in harmony with the land and away from Cat’s protective brother, the new fanatical preacher, and the neighbors who are scandalized by their relationship. But Stonefield can’t escape the truth about who he is, and the conflict tearing apart the country demands that everyone take a side before the bloodbath reaches their doorstep. Inspired by Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, Stone Field is a passionate and atmospheric story of how violence and vengeance pervert the human spirit, and how hatred can be transcended by love.


What to expect this month:

  • March 6th: Introduction of You and Stone Field
  • March 13th: Excerpt 
  • March 20th: Q&A 
  • March 27th: 10 Facts About Stone Field 


  • Please be 13 years or older or have a parents permission to enter
  • This giveaway is open to US residents or those with US mailing addresses
  • The Book Bratz and Chisty are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.


  1. I can't wait to read this book! It sounds amazing!!

  2. This is literally my most anticipated read of the year. I can't wait!


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