What you do with ARCs ... When You Don't Want Them Anymore

The buying and selling of ARCs are nothing new, its been around for a while and lately I been seeing more and more of it. So I want to take an opportunity to talk about it 
ARCs (Advance Readers Copies) are galleys that bloggers, librarians and other reviewers receive in exchange for honest review. Most are sent by the publishers directly, some traded, and others picked up from book events (Ex. BEA, BookCon, ect.) After these are recieved, who ever recieved them reviews the book and then chooses what they will do with the galley. Keep it? Trade it? Give it away? But some people have taken to selling ARCs. 

ARCs are not for sale and to prove my point: 

IT SAYS NOT FOR SALE FOR SALE ON THE COVER! But ARCs are popping up on Ebay for sale, to bid or to buy now. Either way: They aren't for sale! 

Other things not to do:

- Set Them On Fire 
- Take Them Swimming 
- Feed Them To Your Dog
- Throw Them Out 

Donate them! 

You can donate them to your local hospital, library or youth shelters! Especially the youth shelters and hospitals. The seem to be looked over a lot. They are plenty of children who would love them! 


#BooksForTrade sprung up after the YA Book Exchange closed its door. Bloggers/readers were able to exchange books. I loved it when it first started and traded tons. I had a lot of luck. But then people where being scammed and there was drama surrounding it. Now, everything is cool again. But this is a great place to trade ARCs especially newer ones, just be cautious about it. If it seems fishy don't do it! 


Everyone loves giveaways! Chance at free books, sign me up! But seriously, twitter, blog or on instagram which every you choose. You can even give them to another blogger. It is all up to you! 

What do you do with ARCs when you are done with them? Comment below!


  1. I usually keep ARCs. I love them, so I wouldn't want to get rid of them.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  2. What I end up doing most of the time is if I get a physical arc, then I often buy the e-arc (unless I see that the finished physical copy is gorgeous lol). But that's only if I really loved the book. If I don't then, I pack it up and donate it.

    ~Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea

  3. I prefer giveaways, as I know someone else can enjoy them!! Great post-would NEVER feed mine to the dog..lol

  4. Hahaha love the what not to do section!! Wonderful post xx


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