Welcome to Literary Starbucks!

Prepare for things to get weird.

In case you guys haven't heard of it already, Literary Starbucks is a Tumblr page that grew in popularity after impressing (and amusing) so many readers. With the help of St. Martin's Press, we're pleased to announce that Literary Starbucks is no longer just a Tumblr page...it's becoming a book! 

So today on the blog I'm here to share some teasers to get you excited...this is definitely a hilarious book worth getting your hands on!

Gotta love a good Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling joke.

As a future English major, I sincerely approved of that one.

One of my favorite books of all time, AKA I laughed at this joke for much longer than what was probably necessary. 

Another good one.

Shakespeare makes the world go 'round.

And now, time to talk about the actual book itself! 


Title: Literary Starbucks
Authors: Jill Poskanzer, Wilson Josephson, and Nora Katz
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Hardcover, 256 Pages
Publication: May 17th, 2016
Summary: Ever wonder which intricate, elaborately-named drinks might be consumed if your favorite authors and characters wandered into a Starbucks? How many pumpkin lattes J.K. Rowling would drink? Or if Cormac McCarthy needed caffeine, which latte would be laconic enough? Look no further; LITERARY STARBUCKS explores such pressing matters with humor and erudition. Set over the course of a single day, and replete with puns and satirized literary styles, the three authors go darker, stronger, and more global than the blog in book format, including illustrations by acclaimed New Yorker cover artist and cartoonist Harry Bliss.

Just like it does in the blog, this book is going to bring together tons of awesome literary characters and authors (such as, in these teasers, Lady MacBeth, Frodo, J.K. Rowling, Nick Carraway, and more) into this faux coffee shop with quirks and funny little stories each relating to their own personal backgrounds.

Basically, this book is a book nerd's inside joke, a coffee lover's paradise, and a coffee-loving booknerd's absolute dream. 

Comment down below if you're as excited about reading this as I am! I should be receiving a copy soon, and when I do, if it's just as good as the speculation is saying it is...I just may have to have a giveaway to pass it onto you guys. ;-)

I'm genuinely super excited about this one! Who else is with me?! I think this is a hilarious, creative, and super genius idea that bookworms everywhere are going to appreciate...and it goes on sale May 17th!

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  1. Wow, I'm so late to the news about Literary Starbucks! They're really entertaining and I'm going to start following them from now on. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Kim @ Divergent Gryffindor: BLOG || VLOG


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