Five Things You Learn From Your Blogging Friends

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Hey guys! Since a lot of people found my other "list" post funny last week, I figured I'd do another one. (If you haven't read my post on The Seven Things You Learn From Book Conventions, I recommend checking that one out!) So today I'm here to talk about the five things that you learn from your blogging friends. 

1. Internet friends aren't any less of your friends than the people you see in your everyday life.

Because come on, even if you guys live halfway across the country or the world, they're still the people you want to talk to when exciting book news comes out, and they're the same people you want to vent to when the blogging world gets stressful. 

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2. Meeting people at events doesn't have to be a scary experience. 

Normally I am so shy when it comes to talking to people I don't know, but every time I've been at a book event and met up with you guys, my fears instantly melted away. When you get to know people through working with them on the internet for blog-related things, you already have a semi-established relationship, and things aren't so scary. 

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3. How to divide and conquer. 

BookCon Day game plans are a thing of legend. You learn how to split who goes where and who picks up what swag/books so everyone gets to accomplish everything they wanted done.

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4. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Working as a team to collab on a blog post or event is such a rewarding feeling. And there's always strength in numbers!

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5. Having someone to fangirl over stuff with all of the time is so, so awesome.

This one doesn't even need an explanation. It's just awesome. 

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So I hope you guys enjoyed this post about some things I've learned from some of my blogging friends! If you are one of those blogging friends, shoutout to you guys, because I love and appreciate you all!

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