Guest Review by Emily: Gabriel (The Styclar Saga, #2) by Nikki Kelly


Title: Gabriel (The Styclar Saga, #2)
Author: Nikki Kelly
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Hardcover, 384 Pages
Published October 2015 
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Summary: Gabriel is an Angel Descendant. He's also an ally to a generation of vampires who want to break away from the demon who controls them. His faith in the power of good over evil wavers, however, when he discovers that Lailah, the woman he considers his only true love, may be both angel and demon. Is their love enough to overcome the dark forces who are ready to go to war with Gabriel, the vampire Jonah, and the angel and vampire forces? And can Gabriel compete with Jonah, who is also in love with Lailah?

I recently finished reading Gabriel by Nikki Kelly.  I absolutely loved Lailah and couldnt wait to read the sequel.  To begin, while reading Lailah, I was totally Team Gabriel, but… now I'm not so sure.

The book started with Lailah awakening after Zherneboh came for her in book 1. After she wakes, it’s clear she’s having trouble remembering who is with her, Gabriel, as she’s referring to him as “her protector”.  I’m sorry, but how do you forget someone as beautiful and charming as Gabriel? She eventually regains that memory pretty fast.  Now with Lailah discovering what she truly is, half angel half vampire, Gabriel wants to run to protect her, only stuff gets in the way and of course that doesn't happen. Meanwhile, Lailah is desperately trying to deny the darkness in her and is refusing to feed on blood so Gabriel will still love her. The Pureblood Vampires find out she’s alive and now comes in Lailah, trying to save the day and sacrifice herself to save her loved ones.

One thing that annoys me is the fact that she is denying part of herself, on the verge of killing herself, because she’s too afraid of Gabriel not accepting her. Um hello, if he really truly loves her, he should be able to accept that part of her!

In the beginning of the book, Laliah doesn't remember Jonah. Yes I was a little shocked by that. Jonah is on the verge of death and Lailah’s blood can heal him. But one thing, If Jonah drinks her blood, the Purebloods with know she’s alive. Lailah, drawn to Jonah, for reasons she can't remember, heals him.

Now Lailah remembers Jonah and she’s torn between Gabriel and Jonah. Not really surprised because who can't love both of them?

I won't share the ending because i've probably spoiled enough for you, but let's just say, I was completely  surprised by what Gabriel did. I knew Lailah would do what she did though and now I cannot wait to see how Jonah plays out. 

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