A Brief Check In

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Hi guys! I'm here today to just give everyone a brief check-in on me, on Amber, and on everything that's going on. June is a super busy month for me, because of prom and graduation and everything, so I've really only had one day a week to set up blog posts and very limited time on the blog's social media, which I'm trying to fix. (P.S. I used the Deadpool GIF because that's my favorite Marvel movie ever.)

So as for the blogging situation - I'm still currently blogging solo, because Amber's on a bit of a hiatus to sort some things out. She also just had emergency gallbladder surgery, so she's been recovering from that and reading just a little bit whenever she gets the chance.

Also, one of our good friends, Emily (who, if you've stuck around The Book Bratz from the beginning, you may be familiar with) is slowly transitioning to become the third member of The Book Bratz! For the time being she'll just be posting some guest reviews until she gets the hang of Blogger and everything and can navigate everything herself. So expect some more stuff from her in the future.

As for just hanging around - my last day of high school EVER is tomorrow, and then the whirlwind of prom and graduation and grad parties and everything starts to pick up. So I'll still be posting every day, but my social media presence may get a little slower. I'll do my best to check in with you guys at least once or twice a day, though! :-)

So that's my brief check in for today. Have a great day and stick around all week for some more reviews, memes, and fun!

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  1. Busy times indeed! Sending my best wishes for Amber and congrats to you both on graduating, ladies!!

  2. I haven't seen Deadpool! I've seen so many great comments about it, so maybe in the future. Amber, I hope you have a speedy recovery! And welcome (officially?), Emily! Jessica, best of luck with graduation and future things to come. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Early congratulations on graduation! I hope you have a lot of fun at prom--I'm hoping to go next year (once I get a job and can actually afford that AND AP classes..). Even though you are riding solo right now, you're doing an excellent job! Also, welcome Emily, can't wait to see what you have to bring to this amazing blog :).

    Jess @ POB!


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