Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons I Love To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish!

This Week's Theme: Ten Reasons I Love To Read!

This is a topic I'm really excited about and could probably make a super long list about, but I'll just stick to ten reasons for the sake of not boring you all to tears with a post that takes an entire day to read. So without further ado, here are the top ten reasons I love to read! 

10. You'll literally never run out of material.

cat reading dot strategies military strategy

You won't have to worry about collecting every baseball card or beating every level of a videogame. There are constantly new books in the world, so your addiction can basically be fueled forever. 

9. You find stories that you can relate to.

mic  science mic arts books

No matter what situation you may be in during your lifetime, there's bound to be at least one book with a similar plot. 

8. You find some awesome idols.

angry text john green

John Green is basically who I want to be when I grow up. That's it. And I wouldn't have known who he was if it wasn't for his stories.

7. A book addiction is much, much better than a heroine addiction.

book beauty and the beast reading gaston

I say this to my dad every time he's annoyed that I'm asking him to take me to Barnes and Noble. 

6. Everyone hates the library, but you love it. 

disney  disney books beauty and the beast reading

What's not to love? Rooms full of books!

5. You meet tons of new friends!

thepassionlive  reading bible the passion live

Some of my closest friends are people that I first started conversations with over books.

4. Book people are the best people.

baby book reading interested lesson

The fandoms that come out of reading are so dedicated and insane. 

3. You get so engrossed in the lives of the characters.

film cute vintage couple romance

I've definitely cried once or twice when a character I loved died or had some heartbreak. 

2. You learn a lot - even when you're reading fiction!

For example, I learned about geocaching, which is one of my favorite summer pastimes, by reading North of Beautiful. 

1. You get to escape reality for awhile. 

All of your stress and worries about the day just disappear when you lose yourself in a good book.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's Top Ten Tuesday! If you did your post for today, link it down below so I can stop by and check it out! :-)

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