About Us....and other things you may not know

You may have all noticed several changes on The Book Bratz lately, Amber disappeared for a while, Emily joined our crew, and we magically grew up! Considering our "About Us" tab is a little outdated now we figured it was time for a post about the current us.

About Amber:

By day Amber works, binges netflix and reads. By night....she does the same. When she isn't curled behind a book or netflix she is found working on her WIP or hanging out with friends. When she is older she plans a career in Criminal Psychology. (As of June 2016)  Some ofher favorite shows include Orange is the New Black, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy and The 100. She looks up to authors Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wendy Higgins and John Green. Amber creates all the graphics found on The Book Bratz as well designed it's current design. (As of 7/11/16)

About Jessica:

Ever since she was five years old, Jessica knew that she wanted to be a writer. At the age of fifteen, she self-published her debut novel, Switch, which you can check out here. She's eighteen years old and some of her favorite hobbies are reading (duh), writing (double duh), and dancing (were you expecting that one?). She has a younger brother and a younger sister, thus making her the oldest (and therefore the coolest) sibling. She loves all things John Green and YA Contemporary. She's currently attending Fordham University for a degree in English with a minor in Marketing, both of which she plans to use for her career in the publishing industry.

About Emily:

Emily is 17 years old and starting her freshmen year at Farmingdale State College, studying liberal arts. She's hoping to move on to a masters in library science. Emily loves to bake, some of her favorite TV shows include Friends, The Vampire Diaries, and Law and Order: SVU. The authors she looks up to most are Jennifer L. Armentrout and John Green. 


  1. Jessica, I love that you've always known you wanted to be a writer! That is awesome and I'm glad the drive is still there. You will go far! <3 Amber, your design work is amazing! If I had a co-blogger, I would want him/her to be good at that. Because I am not good with graphic arts/design. :D Emily, I love baking too! Latest creation was fudge, but I'm hoping to bake a few cheesecakes for my co-workers next week. I love me some cheesecake! =)

    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. I had no idea that Jessica self-published her own book, that is awesome! Amber, that's really cool that you do graphic design. I do fiddle with it here and there but I don't know how to code, it's definitely a skill I'm interested in though. Emily, welcome to The Book Bratz! Wow, that's a really young age to start university, in my opinion, so that's very good for you! I look forward to your future posts!

    Jess @ POB!


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