SBPT Stop #2: Interview with The Cozy Little Book Nook!

Welcome to the second post of the 2016 Summer Blogger Promo Tour! This is a summer-long event we created to find a way to promote a whole bunch of new bloggers while also making a bunch of new friends. If you're interested in learning more about how the tour works, you can click here

Today I'm here with Brooke from The Cozy Little Book Nooik, and she's going to answer some interview questions about what got her into blogging. Without further ado, here she is!

About Brooke

Brooke is a 15 year old girl from Texas. She's been reading since she could remember and loves sharing a good book with people which is one of the main reasons she created this blog. Other than reviewing books, she like to post random things (or maybe not so random) discussion posts under the 'BLOG' tab. She is also doing some writing which can be found in the Writer's Corner of this blog/site (it is currently under construction and not on the navigation bar) and she hopes you all will give feedback. She love making new friends and talking to people so don't feel shy to chat!

Interview with Brooke!

What got you into blogging?
So about 7 months ago, I found an author that I loved that needed alpha readers. So naturally, I volunteered and I got curious and dug around to find out more about alpha/beta reading. One thing led to another, and I came across quite a few book blogs and I found out about the book community and being a blogger seemed really fun. I had always wanted to do something like it and it seemed like a perfect time to start.

Do you think you want to go on to blog professionally as a career?
I don’t think blogging is something I want to do professionally. I mean, it sounds fun and amazing but blogging is just something I like to do for fun. It would be nice to have blogging as side part of a job though.

Who are some bloggers that you admire?
Oh my god are you seriously asking me this question? There are so many bloggers that I admire. I think that the first blogger that I found was Mishma from Chasing Faerytales. I really liked the overall design of her site; it’s so bright and colorful and fun and really makes you want to see what else she has on her blog. Another blogger was Jillian from Jillian’s Books. I think she was actually the first person I reached out to and she’s really nice. Of course, since then, I have met and talked to soooooo many new people.

Who are some blogging friends that you seek help from?
I’m that type of person who never asks anyone for help, no matter how much I need it. (It’s kind of a bad thing…) Usually, when I’m really confused, I just ask on one of the many group chats that I’m a part of on twitter and a lot of people are more that willing to answer.

What's your favorite blog meme to participate in?
Haha, since I didn’t get serious about blogging until several months ago, I wasn’t aware of all the memes that happen. Funny story, I actually had to ask someone what a meme was (in blogging terms) and I was so confused a for while. I’ve seen several memes happen on the blogs that I follow, the biggest one I’ve seen is TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) which I think I will join sometime soon. However, in my BBCP group, we are planning on starting a meme, although details of it is still TBD.

Why do you think book blogging is important?
I think that book blogging is important for me because it allows me to share my thoughts on a book and is also an easy way for me to keep track of the books that I have read. I have the option to share my opinions and know that I won’t get criticized horribly for them. Also the book blogging community is a place that I genuinely belong in now and I like that feeling; especially since I’ve never had any really close friends (other than books, of course).

Have you become close with any authors since you've started book blogging?
I have reached out to quite a few authors. I wouldn’t say that I’ve become very close to any of them but there are authors who reach out to me every time and ask whether I would be interested in reviewing their book.

Are you big on ARCs, or you don't care for them much?
I like reading ARCs when it’s a book that really interests me. As for the whole ‘Are ARCs good or bad’ debate, I really think that ARCs are great! I usually read and review every ARC that I receive, and give my honest opinion on them.

What's one of your favorite publishing houses to work for?
The only publishing houses that I’ve been in contact with are Simon and Schuster, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I would love to work with other publishing houses like HarperCollins, Macmillan, etc…

What's your blogging style like?
My blogging style consists of me writing whatever I feel like and then go back and edit to see what is actually good enough to post. As for reviews, I sometimes take notes while I reading and write the review immediately after I finish the book; so I can remember all the feelings and thoughts I had on the book.

Lastly, just for fun - what's your favorite book? :-)
Oooh, this question is hard. My all-time favorite books are the ones in The Selection series. As of right now though, I really like Royal Delivery by Rebecca Connolly, which was written as part of The Royals of Monterra Kindle World launch.

I'd like to thank Flo for such a great review and for introducing herself for the Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Check back next week for a romance book tag with another blogger!

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