ARC Review: Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout (+Giveaway)

Title: Torn (A Wicked Saga #2) 
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy 
Source: Inkslinger 
Publisher: Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Publication Date: July 19th 2016 
Torn between duty and survival, nothing can be the same. Everything Ivy Morgan thought she knew has been turned on its head. After being betrayed and then nearly killed by the Prince of the Fae, she’s left bruised and devastated—and with an earth-shattering secret that she must keep at all costs. And if the Order finds out her secret, they’ll kill her. Then there’s Ren Owens, the sexy, tattooed Elite member of the Order who has been sharing Ivy’s bed and claiming her heart. Their chemistry is smoking hot, but Ivy knows that Ren has always valued his duty to the Order above all else—he could never touch her if he knew the truth. That is, if he let her live at all. Yet how can she live with herself if she lies to him? But as the Fae Prince begins to close in, intent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld, Ivy is running out of options. If she doesn’t figure out who she can trust—and fast—it’s not only her heart that will be torn apart, but civilization itself.

So, I took a pretty long hiatus from the blogging world. 2 months long and I didn't read a single book in that time. Torn is the first book I read in a while and I left speechless. Armentrout never fails to amaze me with her imagination and execution of her novels. Having read most books written by her, all rated 3.5 stars and above it is easily shown she is an author that I love to read more of. When Inkslinger presented me with the opportunity I was more the grateful to take it. What a way to get back into the reading/blogging world. 

At the end of Wicked we learn that Ivy is the halfling that Ren, her boyfriend was sent to New Orleans to kill. But besides that the Prince (Drake) of the otherworld had entered our world by opening the gates. In Torn we deal with the aftermath of the events played out in Wicked, and the dark twisted events that take place in Torn. In Torn we see Ivy's willingness to save the ones she loves the most, as well as the sacrifices she makes to save those loved ones. (Trying to keep it spoiler free!!!!) 

Let's start off with what I loved about this book. TINK! We definitely learn a few more things about him in Torn, I guess he still wasn't so truthful as he claimed he was in Wicked. But I love his relationship with Ivy. Ivy could have easily casted him to the side when he was injured, but instead she rescued him and let him live with her. Their bond is something I adore in this book. As well at the witty banter, and Tink's none ending obsession of spending Ivy's money with Amazon Prime. But Armentrout has a few surprises in Torn about Tink that I didn't suspect. 

I also enjoyed Drake's character (The Prince.) As twisted and dark as he was, his character made the book what it was. With out Drake and his screwed up mind and ways Torn wouldn't have been enjoyable. (At least to me, that is.) 

There was a few aspects I was unhappy with though, there is one scene in the book that was highly predictable to me, and the aftermath of it as well. I'm not saying the whole book was predictable but I predicted most of what was going to happen for a good portion of Torn. (Hence, my four star rating.) 

Overall I really enjoyed Torn except for the few issues I had with it. I am excited to see where Armentrout is going to take Tink, Ivy, Ren and the rest of the crew in the next book Brave that will be coming out next summer! 

I also gave Wicked four stars, as much as I loved both books there were a few things I was unhappy about. Some which are mentioned above. 


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  1. Wicked left off with such a shocker and now I'm super excited to dive into Torn. My preorder should be waiting for me when I get home today. :)



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