Introducing the Newest Book Brat: Emily!

Today on The Book Bratz, we have some special news for you guys...we officially have a third blogger! It's time to introduce you guys to Emily, a good friend of ours that, as of today, will officially be joining The Book Bratz for reviews, memes, and more!

Here's a small little blurb about Emily to get to know her:

Emily is 17 years old and starting her freshmen year at Farmingdale State College, studying liberal arts. She's hoping to move on to a masters in library science. Emily loves to bake, some of her favorite TV shows include Friends, The Vampire Diaries, and Law and Order: SVU. The authors she looks up to most are Jennifer L. Armentrout and John Green. 

Hopefully this gave you guys a little more information about Emily, who will be a Book Bratz regular from now on! Amber and I are so excited for everyone to get to know her and realize that she's just as much of a book nerd as the rest of us! 

Here's to the start of another great chapter here on The Book Bratz - can't wait to see where we go from here!

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