Book Tag: The Epic Fictional Bucket List!

This tag was actually thought up at 3 a.m. when I was thinking about the books I have previously read and how I would love to visit some of the places and meet some of the characters from this books. Then I thought "This would be a really cool tag!" So here we are!

What is the Epic Fictional Bucket List Tag? 

This is a list of hings that you would love to do if the fictional worlds and characters you read about were suddenly real. (Ex. Taking a selfie with the characters from Six of Crows!) This can include anything such as: Getting dinner, having a conversation, touring a fictional world and so much more! 

What are the rules? 

  • Have fun! That is the point of this tag, have fun and be creative with your answers! 
  • Make sure you link/credit The Book Bratz in your post! 
  • IF you tweet about your post make sure to use the hashtag #EpicFictionalBucketList so we can check out all your posts! 
  • Tag a few of your blogging friends!  🤩🤩🤩🤩 

That is it! We are really excited to see everyone's answers and we hope that you have as much fun with this tag as we did creating it! 

1. Visit the Hunger Games Memorials & Game Center

It was mentioned how the old arenas were turned into memorials and if they were real Amber would love visit to ruins of these arenas. 

2. Go on a Date with Aron Warner
Sorry Juliette! 😅 We all LOVE Warner here, so it isn't all the surprising that we want to go on a date with the sector leader. 

3. Hang out with Mateo and Rufus 
*sniffles* 😭😭😭 The title spoils it but Jessica would have loved to hang out with this duo from They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.

4. Take self defense lessons with Dimitri 
Sixteen year old Amber would be swooning at the opportunity to get self defense lessons from Dimitri Belikov, a dhampir, from Vampire Academy. (Fun fact: Dimitri was Amber's phone background when the cast was announced for The Vampire Academy movie.) 

5. Have a conversation with A.I.D.A.N.
Who wouldn't want to have a conversation with the murderous A.I. who ended up becoming so lovable by the end of Obsidio? Amber feels that he is just a poor misunderstood creature. 🤖

6. Meeting Josh and Lucy
Jessica would love to meet Josh and Lucy because their enemies to lovers romance in The Hating Game is one of her all time favorites! 😍

7. Bake cookies with Daemon and Katy 🍪
Emily and Amber love Daemon (Lux series) AND cookies, so this would be the perfect pair. Amber isn't much of a baker so she'll just chat with Daemon and Katy and eat cookies, while Emily casually throws cookie dough at her head. 

8. Eat waffles with Kaz, Nina and Inej
Doe's Amber even need to say more? *😍 @ waffles and Six of Crows*

9. *See* The Darkling 
Amber doesn't even have to meet him. Seeing him would be enough. She finds something so interesting about him and wishes there was a novel dedicated to him. *Sigh* 😓

10. Design a YA novel cover 
Here is a slightly non-character related one from Amber. She hopes one day to be able to design a book cover for one of her favorite authors. For now they she will save the designs she has made to her computer in a folder titled "DONOTENTERRRRRR." 

That's it for our bucket list! Check out who we are tagging below: 

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out The Epic Fictional Bucket List! We hope you have as fun as putting your answers together as we did creating this tag. Make sure to leave the link to your post below and to use the tag #EpicFictionalBucketList on social media! 

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