Famous Books That Began As Dreams!

Ever wonder how your favorite authors come up with their ideas? Conjuring entire worlds and people from seemingly nothing, it can seem almost like magic. For many, it’s simply dedication, hard work, and tons of editing. For others, they have dreams

Since science is still a little uncertain as to why we have dreams in the first place, they have an almost mystical quality about them. It may not be magic, but it can seem like it. Our dreams can be filled with bizarre creatures, people, and scenarios. Even from mundane activities to fantastical situations, they can be quite memorable. For some authors, this makes them a great starting point for novel ideas. 

From Mary Shelley to Stephen King, it may surprise you which of your favorite author’s ideas came from dreams. And for those of you who tends towards creativity, there’s a lot to learn from the writers who used their dreams for success. Since dreams are considered to be a synthesis of what we think about, learn, and care about, they have a way of revealing to us things we were just around the corner of thinking about. 

To see which well-known authors got their ideas from dreams, and for some great tips on creativity for yourself, check out the infographic below by Sleep Advisor -- they sent it over to us and we thought that it was pretty cool and we wanted to share!

Thank you so much to the great team over at Sleep Advisor for showing us this awesome graphic and allowing us to share it on the blog! Which dream-related book facts were you most surprised by? Comment them down below!

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