June Blogging Recap!

July is here, which means that summer is officially in full swing! So it's time to look back and see how productive we were in June. Without further ado, let's get into our recap post!

In June...

....We reviewed tons of great books!
Check out our review archive to see what reviews we added this month!

....We interviewed more 2019 debut authors!
This month, we got to interview 2019 debuts Kalyn Josephson, Amelinda Bérubé, and Margaret Owen!

....We recapped BookExpo & BookCon 2019!
We had so much fun ending off May and starting June with BookExpo and BookCon this year -- you can check our recap post and pictures by clicking here!

....We concluded our #AdultsInYA series!
We launched a 10-week series where we talked to over 100 authors and readers above the age of 18, who talked to us about why they still read YA even though there are some people that look down upon reading "younger" literature. We combated that snobbery with an awesome series and launched Part 10 this month!

....We were part of Penguin's Summer Lovin' Blogger Campaign!

As part of the campaign, we did a post about some ways to get out of the house and enjoy time with your friends this summer, inspired by Jennifer Dugan's HOT DOG GIRL. You can check out the post here!

What was your favorite thing that we did on the blog this month? What are your recommendations for future posts/reviews? Comment down below and let us know! :-)

Now it's time for July -- which means lots of sunshine and reading on the beach!

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