Aug 12, 2015

ARC Review: Gamma Rift by Kalli Lanford

Title: Gamma Rift (The Trans-Galactic Insurrection Series)
Author: Kalli Lanford 
Genre: New Adult, Science Fiction 
Source: NetGalley 
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Publication Date: August 18th 2015
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I may be a Prince, but there are things that trouble me about my father's royal rule—the forced abduction, experimentation, and torture of alien creatures. The king has a new prisoner who's a carefully kept secret... There's a young female who belongs to a little-known civilization I have been studying extensively. They are human, belonging to a small, undeveloped planet called Earth. She is pretty in a way I find unusual and compelling. Sometimes I sneak into the adjoining cell and we talk about everything and nothing, even as I find myself yearning to touch her strange, soft skin. Skin that is being subjected to invasive tests and experiments. A body that's scheduled for a live dissection in fifteen days. And a life that will be terminated unless I risk my future and life to help her escape...


I originally stick to New Adult contemporaries, only because I never came across anything but those. I jumped at the chance for Gamma Rift. I love science fiction and I love alien books. I though this was right up my alley. The only way I can explain how I feel about Gamma Rift is this: You have an ice cream sundae, but no matter how much of it you eat you NEVER feel content and full. Gamma Rift was okay, but I wouldn't read it again. 

What I liked:

  • The idea behind Gamma Rift was awesome. Aliens kidnapping other aliens to and experimenting on them. Sounds freaking awesome. Gamma Rift had the opportunity to be awesome too. 
  • The world building. It took a while before I had a solid image of what Garran and his kind looked like, but eventually I got it. America's cell inside the laboratory sounded really cool too. I loved how it was described.

What I didn't like: 

  • I can't put my finger on it, so please don't make me but there was something that I didn't like about the romance, I found is rushed and just strange. I think the alien/human romance just weirded me out. 
  • The sex scenes, I give it to Kalli. They were unique. But back to the alien/human thing. It just didn't sit well. 

I would give Kalli's future writing a try. I like her writing style, and ideas. Gamma Rift just wasn't for me. I know this review is very vague. It is just one of those books that nothing stuck out to me. It was very bleh. 


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