DNF Review: The Foxglove Killings by Tara Kelly

Title: The Foxglove Killings
Author: Tara Kelly 
Genre: Mystery
Source: NetGalley 
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: September 1st 2015 
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Gramps always said that when the crickets were quiet, something bad was coming. And the crickets have been as silent as the dead. It started with the murdered deer in the playground with the unmistakable purple of a foxglove in its mouth. But in the dying boondock town of Emerald Cove, life goes on. I work at Gramps's diner, and the cakes―the entitled rich kids who vacation here―make our lives hell. My best friend, Alex Pace, is the one person who gets me. Only Alex has changed. He's almost like a stranger now. I can't figure it out...or why I'm having distinctly more-than-friend feelings for him. Ones I shouldn't be having. Then one of the cakes disappears. When she turns up murdered, a foxglove in her mouth, a rumor goes around that Alex was the last person seen with her—and everyone but me believes it. Well, everyone except my worst enemy, Jenika Shaw. When Alex goes missing, it's up to us to prove his innocence and uncover the true killer. But the truth will shatter everything I've ever known about myself — and Alex.


I've eyed this book for months now, and I was so excited to read it. I was even more excited when it was in the Entangled Teen newsletter and I could request it. I been on a mystery/thriller kick and I couldn't wait to feed this one to that burning monster. 

Reasons why I DNFed it: 

  • I was only up to 35% and Amber just went missing. Plus, no one seemed overly concerned with the fact she just vanished. Her boyfriend was sad, but it was like they broke up. Not that Amber just up and disappeared after a party. 
  • I get you have expectations with your friends. But Nova and Alex's friendship didn't seem like a good one. His sex life is none of her business, and she shouldn't make him feel bad that he didn't want to tell her. She basically told him the things he was doing was stupid, all because he branched out and made other friends besides her. 
  • All the "Cakes" were just assholes and I didn't like a single one of them. Even if Zach was nice at moments. 
  • Nova gets upset that people talk about her, but she doesn't do ANYTHING to shut down the rumors. She keeps let them spread and spread, destroying her image in the town. Plus her actions don't exactly help them at times. She tries to seem all tough but she really isn't. 
  • I was genuinely confused with who had feelings for who, so Alex was hooking up with Jenkia (an enemy to both of them) and Nova was in love with Alex, who at times did things that suggested that they should be more then friends, but once upon a time Nova and Zach has sex and then he broke up with her so she hooked up with Matt and then someone started to spread rumors? It wasn't very clear at moments. I am not even sure that was all correct.
  • I get building up the story and characters, but 25% to do so? I got it at 5% This is the middle of nowhere town that is basically a vacation spot for rich families. 
I am not saying for you not to try this book, it just didn't work for me. My biggest issue was Alex and Nova's friendship, as well as the choices that Alex was making. He basically began to chose the people that made his life hell for years over Nova (Who he knew since the 4th grade) but Nova also acted like a baby about it. Sigh. I really did wish I could have like this one. 

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