Book Promo: In The Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly by Juliana Mae

Title: In The Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly
Author: Juliana Mae
Paperback, 78 Pages
Published December 2013
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Summary: A collection of short stories and poems. A book filled with all kinds of emotions: love, desire, loss. Poems of want, imagery and pain. And one last miraculous short story of moving on.

Author Juliana Mae was such a sweet, kind and outgoing girl that we had the privilege of speaking to about promoting her book--and we're glad we did! We have an excerpt, an interview and more to show you all and to get you all interested in adding this book to your TBR...because we definitely will be!


 “Jules, this is a really good idea, but you know he's not going to be there, right?” I asked as I got off the highway and began the drive through the New Jersey beach town. I gripped the steering wheel tighter as I took my eyes off the road for just a second to glance at her. Jules was almost two years older than me, but she was so optimistic and naive, that I sometimes felt older than her. Obviously I really wanted him to be there, too, but I didn't want her to get her hopes up.
     “You never know!” she insisted. “Josh and his friends have made videos there! I'm telling you, it could totally happen!”
     “We'll see,” I told her skeptically. I didn't want to let myself get my own hopes up either. No matter what, this day would be awesome. We used to go to Wildwood together all the time. “How much longer until we get there?”
     “About fifteen minutes,” she said, checking the GPS. I couldn't help but get a little excited. Our whole family loved the beach, and all the trips we'd taken so far this week had been awesome. And, okay, maybe I was still entertaining the idea that Josh could be there. Just a little bit.

Author Interview:

Where did you get your inspiration for In The Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly?
Juliana: My mom suggested last Christmas I that I should publish some of my work to give as a present. I used the name unsocialbutterfly for a writing website I was a part of and I was like, "Oh, it would be really cool to call it In the Heart of An Unsocial Butterfly and put my poetry and short stories in it." And that's basically it.

How, as an author, did you get a selling deal with Barnes & Noble? (We're soooo jealous.)
Juliana:  I actually didn't do anything for that! I published through Createspace and they really did all that stuff for me--putting it on Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. I'm constantly Googling my book to see where it is and stuff like that. Createspace is really awesome. All I really had to do was submit my book and fill out information about myself.

How old were you when you first started writing? 
Juliana: Well, I've basically been writing since I learned to write. Ha! But really, I started writing a mystery book when I was somewhere between 6-8. So, I've always been writing. 

How does it feel to be published at 18 years old? (Jessica, one of the co-bloggers here, was published at 15 and she's psyched to meet another young author.)
Juliana:  Congrats, Jess! That's so awesome! :D I was actually 17 when I published it. It feels really cool. I love that I'm doing it, you know? I'm a published author. That's such a cool accomplishment.

Why do you think readers will enjoy In The Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly?
Juliana: I hope people will enjoy it because I feel like it's real, and raw, and relatable. I'm a teen who's a fangirl, and going through new relationship kind of stuff, trying to figure out how to get along in the world and how to have my voice heard, just like everyone else and that's kind of what the book's about. It's highs and lows, and fun, and me.

Can we expect some other books from you in the future?
Juliana: I think definitely, yeah! I'm trying to edit this YA Romance novel I've been working on and get it to literary agents, and that's probably what you should expect to see from here on out. It's possible that I might do more little projects like ITHOAUB, but YA is what I want to focus--on at least right now. 

About The Author:

Juliana Mae has self-published a book called In the Heart of an Unsocial Butterfly, been published in J-14 Magazine, written for school newspapers, reviewed books for Miss Literati, and one of her poems was published in a book called Stars in Our Hearts.
Juliana Mae is an 18 year old dreamer who loves music, literature, and adventure. Her debut novel is a book of short stories and poems, but she hopes to traditionally publish Young Adult romance novels.

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Thank you to author Juliana Mae for helping us with this awesome book promotion! :-)

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