#TeaTime Rewind: Bedazzled Books (Episode #74)

Hello there, crumpets, and welcome back to our fourth #TeaTime rewind blog post! For those of you who don't know, #TeaTime is a weekly YouTube livestream with two of the most awesome girls from Epic Reads, Margot and Aubry. In addition to running the Epic Reads blog, they also take time out of their week to host the livestream videos where they cover all sorts of topics such as book boyfriends, books that changed your view on the world, and our personal favorite...Theo James Appreciation Day. 

This week on #TeaTime (Episode #74), the topic was BEDAZZLED BOOKS. (You can watch the episode by clicking here!) Some fun activities (like bedazzling e-readers) and ideas were discussed (especially The Jewel!!), so Amber and I decided to put our opinions out there for everyone to check out.

*What we're reading this week:

Jessica: I'm currently reading Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth and I'm only one chapter in...but I'm already in love! *heart eyes*

Amber: I just started Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

*If you could live in any dystopian world, what world would you want to live in?

Jessica: Hmm...this is actually a question I'm asked a lot when I'm interviewed on the blog. I have to say, I'm a big fan of the Oz after Dorothy takes over in Dorothy Must Die. It's probably dangerous and scary, but it's a pretty interesting (and different) kind of dystopian world that I would try out.

Amber: Well, dystopian worlds are usually bad. But if I had to pick it would be The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver. It takes place in Atlanta in 2025. (Based on the story line it could be considered dystopia...maybe?) 

*Your favorite transformations in YA:

Jessica: YA transformations? Character-wise, I'm a big fan of how Tris matures and comes out of her shell throughout the Divergent trilogy--great character development and transformation. Definitely an inspiring (and incredibly difficult to achieve) one.

Amber: Jess pretty much stole all of my thoughts. I agree with what she said. 

*One of the most bedazzled book-related things you own:

Jessica: I have a cute little string bookmark that I got from a bookstore while I was on vacation, and it has a bunch of cute little jewels and charms and beads on the end--totally adorable and chic and sparkly. *more heart eyes*

Amber: I have a bookmark that says "Shhh. I am trying to read." in rainbow letters that is all shimmery! Mine is lame compared to Jess's though. 

That's all there is for this week! The next episode of Tea Time airs Wednesday, September 10th @ 3:45pm, and we hope to see you all there!

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