Review: While It Lasts by Abbi Glines

Title: While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3)
Author: Abbi Glines
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: August 6th 2013
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Cage brings his playboy prowess to the countryside as the Sea Breeze hookups continue, from self-published phenomenon Abbi Glines. Low broke Cage's heart by getting with Marcus in Because of Low. Cage went into a tailspin that ended in a DUI. In order to salvage his baseball scholarship the one thing he truly valued besides Low; Cage must take a summer job. At a farm. Away from Sea Breeze. With lots of cows, but no hot girls. Maybe that's what Cage needs to get back on track. But wait there's that hostile daughter of the farm boss. She's pretty and occasionally sweet, and there seems to be a lot of sadness and mystery behind her anger. Cage is dying to strip her down physically and mentally in the back of the barn. But is he prepared for what will happen afterward?


Abbi Glines is officially my go to when I need a quick romance to break up my fantasy/sci-fi binges. I always devour her books in a few hours. We got to see a bit of Cage in Because of Low and all felt a little bad for him when Low chose Marcus instead of him, even though we all knew what a huge man whore he is. I think it is safe to say that so far, Cage is my favorite story from the Sea Breeze series. 

Cage got busted drinking and driving, and now is in danger of loosing his baseball scholarship. The only way to keep it is to work with the coach's brother this summer on his farm. Away from Sea Breeze, his friends, and girls. That is until he meets the boss's daughter. Eva isn't looking for romance, she isn't even ready. After loosing her fiance in a bombing overseas she isn't ready to let the beautiful stable hand her father hired in. But Cage has a way of wiggling into her hear and staying there. 

Cage has grown so much. From Because of Low until the end of While it Lasts he is a different person. Which in all honesty, suits him ten times better then his man whore persona. Eva really broke my heart though. She was so broken. She lost her fiance, he was a best friend. She was lost. Eventually as we see her open up her heart to let Cage in, and let to hurt go it can't help but make you happy. I didn't connect with these characters, which wasn't much of an issue. I typically don't when I read New Adult novels. 

The romance was a bit more gradual in this one. I didn't find it as fast as it was in the previous two books. Through out the novel Cage shows his interest, they flirt, the fight, they flirt some more, but it was almost natural. It was a big improvement. Also, I think this was the steamiest novel in the Sea Breeze novel yet, and none of the sex seemed rushed as it was in Because of Low

Overall I really enjoyed this one. I am resisting the urge once again to binge more of these books. 


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  1. It's been ages since I read an Abbi Glines book!I used to love her writing when I was going through my New Adult obsession phase.Maybe I should take up one of her books soon.

  2. i love this book !!!
    anni glines is one of my fave YA/NA author
    must read all the series :)

  3. i love this book !!!
    anni glines is one of my fave YA/NA author
    must read all the series :)


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