Why I don't Like Physical Books (Kind Of...)

I am pretty sure that this is just a phase, because I went through a period of time where I was the opposite. I despised my kindle and loved print books. But any how, I currently don't like print books. Some of my reasons are super silly and stupid, and others make sense. 

Lighting: My house has poor lighting and I have bad eyes. The combination isn't good and at night, it is so hard to actually read. My kindle is bright enough that I can read in the pitch black, there is no struggle. (Plus, it solves the fighting at night when my sister wants to shut off the light in the room and I am reading. We share a room.) 

Eye sight: My glasses are meant for reading, but they annoy the hell out of me. The amount that I read, I would be wearing glasses on a permanent basis. (Which is what I am trying to avoid) on my kindle I can make the font bigger and not have a hard time reading. 

Laying Down: I like to lay on my side when I read. With a print book this is quite hard and uncomfortable to do so. My kindle allows this. I hate reading sitting up for some reason. I'm lazy *shrugs* 

Convenience: Imagine lugging around a 400 page book around with you everywhere you go. It gets difficult at times. Now think about lugging around a kindle that weighs less then a pound around. It also fits into a backpack, pocketbook and suitcase with out taking up too much room. (I have a kindle 6 inch, which it so so so convenient) 

So, which do you prefer? e-books or physical books?


  1. Yeah ebooks kind of mess with your eyes, I love using the night mode. It is SO convenient to read on an ebook except when on the beach because of the iPad glare. NOT COOL. And you have so many books right at your finger tips!! Win-win-win-win-win xD

    Great post !

  2. I like both honestly. There's something about the smell of a physical book that my ereader will never have, no matter how much I wish it did. As far as carrying a book around, I know it can be uncomfortable, but at the same time I don't get tempted to start yet another book before finishing the one I'm currently reading. I do however love the fact that an ereader doesn't take up too much space. I could have 100 books on that thing without panicking about shelf space :))

    Great post :D

  3. This so much!!! I relate a lot with laying down! I shift positions so many times but I love laying down A LOT!! It's the reason I get lots of reading done at night. While I love both e-books and physical books and I read e-books faster, I still prefer physical books. There's just something so special about holding a book in my hands. Plus if there is an apocalypse, I'll have my books to keep me company since technology will be gone lol.

  4. I go in spurts too where I prefer ebooks over regular ones. I've got both a Nook Glow light and a Kindle Paperwhite, and they both have a build in light for reading in the reading. I like that better than backlit because of the glare aspect.

  5. I prefer paperbacks. The smell of them, just the feel of them in my hands :)

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  6. I mostly read on my PaperWhite now because I read at night while hubby and baby are sleeping. Although it makes searching for certain scenes easier, I like skimming through the physical book to find those scenes.

  7. I alternate. Sometimes it is just easier/more convenient for me to read an ebook rather than a physical book. Especially if I'm at work. I can read an ebook on the computer but I can't read a physical book. Great post!

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders

  8. I have just now stopped messing with physical books because I have an obsessive tendency to spend more time venerating the books themselves and worrying about any kind of wear and tear I could bring to them than actually focusing on the words themselves. Unless it's not available on Kindle, I will be going to digital. I have a regular Kindle 4 and want to upgrade to a Paperwhite. Same reason I have my digital music player. I am also picky about bindings, textures, and print sizes so its taking a toll on a condition I already have in doing any practical reading. And that's saying something, since I already have some attention issues to be expected from a modern reader.


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