Review: Honey Queen by Christina Mercer {Book Tour + Giveaway}

Title: Honey Queen
Author: Christina Mercer
Genre:  Fantasy, Mythology, Romance
Format: eBook
Publisher: Christina Mercer
Published: May 31, 2014


Love is honey sweet, but it comes with a fatal sting . . . 
Melaina Maris needs wings to fly the gap between loving Sam and her family’s ancient curse that forces carnal love and then kills the male lovers. She won’t let the same fate that killed her father befall another. She refuses to allow her goddess-created bloodline to continue. But there’s no easy way out, especially after the curse turns her into the Honey Queen—savior to honey bees—intensifying her charms. 
To help her fulfill the curse’s demands in the least harmful way, her grandmother takes her to mate with terminally ill Boyd. But Boyd’s gay. And an expert in mythology. Instead of having sex, Melaina learns how she might summon the goddess who created the first ancestor bee-charmer and cursed her bloodline. Melaina's magic—tears to save honey bees from endangerment—could be enough to persuade the goddess to end the curse. But an unexpected discovery soon changes that hope, spinning Melaina into a swarm of love, friendship and death.



I ended up staying up all night to finish this book. It literally sunk its claws into me and I needed to know what happened. This was filled with everything I love, the idea was so unique and interesting. I love mythology books, and I never heard of the goddess Aera until I read Honey Queen.

I loved Melaina's character, she was snarky, stubborn and all around just trying to do the right thing. Melaina's relationship with Sam was sweet and I really loved it, it was obvious to see that she was the center of his world. But to keep in safe Melaina would push him away, that is until she turned into the Honey Queen. Things get really interesting thing. At the sight of Sam, or his voice sends her into a frenzy of wanting to mate with him, which he is way to willing to do. Even after she tells him about her family's curse. But the curse that made her the Honey Queen makes her irresistible to most men. I wish their relationship was developed a bit more though, it was more of she pushes him away, he still comes around and then she basically jumps him. 

They last few chapters of the book were hectic, Melania is trying to save Sam, Boyd and herself from Area who is beyond pissed. Melania is desperatly trying to find a loop whole to keep Boyd a live and giving herself her happily ever after with Sam. But is there a way to do that with out loosing her connection to the honey bees? 

Honey Queen is one of those undiscovered gems, which is a shame because the story is so good! Sadly though Honey Queen is a stand alone novel (Which makes me sad because I want to know a lot of things that I can't say with out spoiling the book) 


 Mercer is an award-winning author of fiction for children and young adults. Honored titles include Tween Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST and its sequel ARMS OF ANU, and YA Fantasy/Romance HONEY QUEEN. Christina enjoys life in the foothills of Northern California with her husband and sons, a pack of large dogs, and about 100,000 honeybees. For more about her and her writing, visit:

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