Our #SummerBloggerPromoTour Wrap-Up!

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Sadly, August 31st has finally rolled around...which means that not only is summer drawing to a close, but so is our first ever Summer Blogger Promo Tour. It was nine weeks filled with interviews, meeting new bloggers, quizzes, creative ideas and fun. So to top it all off and end on a good note, us ladies here at The Book Bratz decided to highlight everything from this past summer that we enjoyed about the tour! 

First, here are the links to all 8 bloggers we covered here at The Book Bratz throughout the summer: 

*Sunday, July 6th (Stop #1): Talking BookCon with Dana Square
*Sunday, July 13th (Stop #2): Introducing Andrew from Endlesslyreading
*Sunday, July 20th (Stop #3): Guest Review by Ana Loves
*Sunday, July 27th (Stop #4): The YA Club Guest Post: Why They Blog
*Sunday, August 3rd (Stop #5): Waiting on Sunday with Caught Read Handed
*Sunday, August 10th (Stop #6): What Genre Are You? Quiz with Ink on the Shelf
*Sunday, August 24th (Stop #8): The Ultimate YA Quiz with SJ Bouquet

And now, some highlights!

This summer, we did a whole bunch of things to introduce you all to eight awesome new bloggers that you should follow and take interest in. We talked about BookCon with our good friend Dana, introduced you to a cool guy book blogger named Andrew, hosted a guest review by an awesome girl named Ana, asked the YA Club why they blogged, hosted a Waiting on Sunday with Stefani from Caught Read Handed, took a genre quiz with Jen, hosted a guest post by Mily, and even took The Ultimate YA Quiz with SJ Bouquet!

This summer has been a fantastic way to meet new people--we went into this knowing only one blogger (Dana from Dana Square), and we came out of it knowing seven more. The idea behind this tour held true--not only did we do what we were supposed to and cover these people on our blog, but through talking to them and planning and learning more about who they are as people and not just as bloggers, we made tons of new friends. The tour helped us branch out and meet new bloggers that we probably would not have known otherwise. We met big bloggers, small bloggers, girl bloggers and guy bloggers!

And we all bonded over our mutual love for books.

What are our plans after the tour? We're definitely staying in touch with everyone we met (we've already nominated a couple of them for some upcoming blog tags *wink*)--and we definitely want to work with them again in the future. As for our plans for next year's tour? It's hard to release details right now because we're still working on it, but we plan on expanding the tour so that pretty much everyone that wants to take part can do so. (We have a few ideas on how we're going to work this.) Everyone who took part in this year's tour is willing to do it again next year, and it's going to be on a much grander scale and it's just going to be so awesome! 

It was a fantastic summer and we had an awesome time working with everyone--be on the lookout for a new, improved Summer Blogger Promo Tour (which we want EVERYONE to take part in!) next July! :-)

Here are everyone else's wrap-up posts:
Dana Square's Wrap-Up Post
The YA Club's Wrap-Up Post
The YA's Nightstand Wrap-Up Post

Thank you all (the bloggers who took part and the readers who took interest) for a fantastic summer!



  1. I had so much fun this summer! Thanks for having me on the tour

  2. You ladies are incredibly awesome and wonderful!! Thank you so much for putting this tour together and for letting us join in on the fun! We met so many amazing and creative bloggers, like you two, and we're very grateful! <3

    The YA Club

    1. Thank you for helping us make it so awesome :))))


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