The Book Bratz vs. SJ Bouquet: The Ultimate YA Quiz (SBPT Stop, #8)

Welcome to The Summer Blogger Promo Tour, an event created by us ladies at The Book Bratz, whose blog you're on right now! This is a weekly tour stop where we'll be highlighting different bloggers and their fantastic book blogs all summer long. You can read more about the tour by clicking here!

Wow, the Summer Blogger Promo Tour is (sadly) nearing its end! We have one more awesome blogger to show you before our wrap up post next without further ado: Last week, Mily from The YA's Nightstand did a guest post on The Diary of a Book Blogger. This week, SJ from SJ Bouquet takes a YA Goodreads Quiz with us and compares our results! We took The Ultimate YA Quiz on Goodreads, and here are some of the questions that it asked us:

  • Which YA book stars Rose Hathaway as the main character?
  • In which book do vampires sparkle?
  • Which of these books featured the Unconsecrated?
  • This book is about a girl who finds out that she is vampire royalty?
  • Breaking Dawn is in what series?
  • Which of the following books explains the word Croatan?
  • Maggie and Mo are in which books?

Now, here's what we got for results:

Amber: 67% Correct
Jessica: 54% Correct (Whoops, I failed.)
SJ: 91% Correct

Looks like SJ was the winner! Now it's your turn: take the quiz by clicking here and then comment with your results down below! Hopefully you can do better than we did!

Sadly, the Summer Blogger Promo Tour is officially coming to a close. SJ was the final blogger that we're going to be featuring, but still check back next week, because we'll be putting up a wrap up post talking about what we've learned, the fun we've had, and who we've met throughout the past two months on the tour. It's going to be a post filled with recaps and memories and fun, so be sure to check back for that!

We'd like to thank SJ for taking this quiz with us (as well as doing better than both of us) and also for agreeing to let us feature her on the tour this week! You can follow up with SJ through her blog, her Twitter, and her Goodreads!

Also, click here to see our full Summer Blogger Promo Tour schedule!

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  1. The quiz was fun. :D I got 88%. I was familiar with most of the books mentioned in it.


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