Blog Tour Review: The Fog of Forgetting by G.A. Morgan

Title: The Fog of Forgetting
Author: G.A. Morgan
Rating: ★ (3/5 stars)
Hardcover, 316 Pages
Published July 2014
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Summary: In The Fog of Forgetting, the beginning of a new adventure-fantasy trilogy, five children wash up on the shores of an foreign land, unwitting agents of destiny in a realm struggling to withstand a force that could change their world -- and ours -- forever. Move over, Narnia. The journey to Ayda has begun. Sneaking out for a quick boat ride on a summer day, five children find themselves engulfed in a curtain of dense, powerful fog that transports them from the rocky Maine coast to the mysterious island of Ayda. Rescued by Seaborne, a machete-toting wayfarer of few words, the children suddenly find themselves at the center of a centuries-old battle between Dankar, the ruler of Exor, and three siblings that rule the other realms of Ayda. At stake are the four stones of power and the elusive Fifth Stone that binds them all. When 9-year-old Frankie is kidnapped by Dankar, her older sister Evelyn and the three Thompson brothers must learn to harness the powers of the daylights, ancient forces of earth, fire, water, and air, to navigate their way through the realms of Ayda, rescue her, and find a way home.

The awesome Zoey over at Wunderkind PR sent us a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I really did enjoy this book! It reminded me a lot of The Chronicles of Narnia, which was a series I enjoyed. I'm not usually one for adventure-fantasy stories, but this one was interesting and different in its own special way.

As the summary explains, five kids--Chase, Knox, Teddy, Evelyn and Frankie--decide that it would be a good idea to take out the Thompson brothers' boat for the day without parental supervision...uh-oh. The day starts out nice enough, but then the infamous fog rolls in, the boat stalls, and before they know it, they've all washed up on the island of Ayda, with no idea how they got there and pretty much no way to get home.

Want to know what happens next? Read the book!

This book was a nice, enjoyable read for me (and definitely a good break from all of the AP Literature books I've been having to read lately!). Morgan has a great writing style that really draws the reader in and keeps them hooked until the end. The book world needs a new adventure-fantasy thriller after all of the Narnia stories ended, and I think that this will be a good, refreshing new story to rise to the top of literature stardom. :-)

All in all, The Fog of Forgetting was an enjoyable fantasy story that I think that every Middle Grade and Young Adult Reader should try--I never thought I would be interested in Fantasy, yet here I am! G.A. Morgan is a promising author and I'm curious to see what happens throughout the rest of the story and the other two books in the trilogy. Great work!

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