#TeaTime Rewind: Favorite YA Series (Episode #73)

Hello there, crumpets, and welcome back to our second #TeaTime rewind blog post! For those of you who don't know, #TeaTime is a weekly YouTube livestream with two of the most awesome girls from Epic Reads, Margot and Aubry. In addition to running the Epic Reads blog, they also take time out of their week to host the livestream videos where they cover all sorts of topics such as book boyfriends, books that changed your view on the world, and our personal favorite...Theo James Appreciation Day. 

This week on #TeaTime (Episode #73), the topic was FAVORITE YA SERIES. (You can watch the episode by clicking here!) A lot of fun stuff went down in today's episode, so we decided to share our thoughts on all of it:

*What we're reading this week:

Jessica: I actually just finished Playing With Matches by Suri Rosen earlier today, and I'm going to be starting Famous in Love as a part of a traveling ARC group tomorrow. :-)

Amber: I am in between books right now so I am not sure what I want to read yet. I have to go browse through my book shelves. 

*Our favorite places to buy books:

Jessica: I'm probably going to get glared at by numerous indie bookstore lovers here, but...Barnes & Noble. There aren't really any indie bookstores nearby anymore, and I just love Barnes & Noble in general. *heart eyes*

Amber: There is a book store a few miles away from where I live called Book Revue. It is pretty cute. I also like ordering off of Book Outlet. 

*Favorite zombie book-to-movie adaptation:

Jessica: Definitely Warm Bodies! I read the book first and then watched the movie, and although I still enjoyed the book a lot more, the movie was cute and definitely held up the standards as well.

Amber: I haven't read any if you want me to be totally honest. I have read plenty of zombie books, just none of them had been made into movies...yet. *crosses fingers and hopes*

*Favorite series that has recently been completed: 

Jessica: Currently, I'm not actually reading an ending to a series...so I'll say the Anna and the French Kiss series, because I have one more book left to go and it's been a cute and enjoyable read so far for the first two books, Anna and Lola. :-)

Amber: Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

*Our thoughts on series in general:

Jessica: I have nothing against reading a series, but there are two in mind that I fell in love with in the beginning but need to end, NOW. Those two are the Pretty Little Liars and the House of Night series. I loved them both, but they're prime examples of why a series can't go on for too long--readers get frustrated. When you're left with a constant cliffhanger, you stop getting shocked. If a series goes on and on forever, readers get frustrated and instead of looking forward to the final book for the right reasons, they're looking forward to it solely so the series could end. That's not something you want to instill in your readers, right?

Amber: I love them. I hate stand alone books, because I always want the story continue. Like Jess said, the story can't go on for too long. Though I wish it could. But most endings are pretty good so leaves me happy. Then you always have those few....

The next episode of #TeaTime is Wednesday, September 3rd @ 3:45PM, so we hope to see you all then!

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