ARC Review: Crash by Eve Silver

Title: Crash (The Game #3) 
Author: Eve Silver
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Edelweiss
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: June 9th 2015
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Miki’s life is falling apart around her. Her dad and best friend are lying in the hospital. The Game is glitching, making missions more frequent and more deadly. And someone close to her is waiting for the right moment to betray her. Miki feels like she’s hanging on by a thread and the only thing keeping her tethered is Jackson’s hand in hers. Yet telling him how much she needs him, how much she loves him, feels like the biggest challenge of all. And if Miki really wants the missions to end for everyone, she’ll have to let go and be ready to fight when the walls between the Game and reality come crashing down. Because if there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that she’s got a whole lot left to lose.


I was terrified how this trilogy was going to end, it was unpredictable, fast paced and could go in any direction. I thought it was all wrapped up nicely leaving the reader with a clear picture of what is going to happen long after you've read the last page. Eve didn't fail to deliver in the conclusion of The Game trilogy, giving her readers an awesome mix of action, suspense, and romance. 

Miki had it together in this book, though with the events that were happening in her life I wouldn't have be all that surprised if she didn't. At the end of book two both Miki's dad and Carly are in a car crash, leaving both terribly injured. The committee doesn't care though, and pulls both Miki and Jackson into the game. Where this time everything is different. Miki comes face to face with a Drau, where it dropped its weapon and begged for mercy. The rules of The Game has changed and as Miki and Jackson come closer to learning how Jackson's sister can still be alive in The Game, they will unwrap the secrets to the war they thought they were fighting.

I compared my notes from Miki in Rush to Miki in the end of Crash and she has come a long way. She fell in love, became a leader, stood up for what she believed in, saved countless amounts of lives. Miki was pretty much on top of the world during this book. She handled her father and Carly's hospitalization, The Game, The Committee and countless other things with out even batting her eyelashes. One thing that stands out to me is that Miki kept true to herself through out all three novels, she questioned in what she wasn't sure in and protected those she cared about. Things that were valuable to her retained their importance among other things. 

Jackson seemed a little soft in this book. Which I appreciated because we mainly got the cocky ass in Push and Rush. We see Jackson vulnerable and unguarded a few times in Crash which really added to my love of Him. The romance was perfectly done, it wasn't too much or not enough. Eve got the mix perfect, I even had butterflies when I read the last page of Crash. There are so many "WTF" moments in Crash. Betrayal. Lies. Nothing is what it seems. The rug was literally ripped out from beneath Miki and Jackson when they find out that maybe the committee isn't the good guys. After the death of a good friend, they realize that nothing was what they thought it was. 

As I said, Eve ended The Game trilogy off beautifully, I am sad it is over but it ended on a bittersweet note. I found the ending a bit open, that maybe it could be expanded on someday (Please!) but as a reader I was content. Crash deserves more then five stars, it was full of suspense and action making it perfect for Science Fiction and Alien junkies! 


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  1. Well, I skimmed the review a lil bit because I still haven't started the series, even if I really want to start it already, and it's always great when a final book doesn't disappoint and finishes a series in a high point, and 5 stars is really a high point!
    Great review Amber!


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