ARC Review: Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs & Tracy Deebs

Title: Powerless (The Hero Agenda #1) 
Author: Tera Lynn Childs & Tracy Deebs
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: June 2nd 2015
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Kenna is tired of being "normal". The only thing special about her is that she isn't special at all. Which is frustrating in a world of absolutes. Villains, like the one who killed her father, are bad. Heroes, like her mother and best friend, are good. And Kenna, unlike everyone else around her, is completely ordinary— which she hates. She’s secretly working on an experiment that will land her a place among the Heroes, but when a Villain saves her life during a break-in at her lab, Kenna discovers there’s a whole lot of gray area when it comes to good and evil and who she can trust.. After all…not all strength comes from superpowers.


This book was so much fun! Superheros? That is some what new to me. It was an interesting concept that I wasn't 100% sure about, but by the end of the story I knew that this series is going to be amazing. Growing up my favorite movie was Sky High (The one about the superhero teenagers that go to a superhero high school along with children of Villains) and this book reminded me of that. Though this book was much better. 

Kenna's world was always black and white. Heroes are good and Villains are bad. That is until the day three villains break into the lab she works at, claiming to be rescuing Deacon, a villain who is being hidden on sub level three. Only Kenna is pretty sure there is no sub level three, she practically lives at that lab. She would have known. But as secrets come to light and Kenna's mom is kidnapped, she teams up with her sworn enemies to stop the heroes and their twisted games and to find her mother. 

In Kenna's society, everyone has a power. Except her. She is powerless. That doesn't stop her though. While her mother works on serums to help other heroes Kenna is working on her own, to make her a superhero. Kenna is one of the most determined female heroines that I have read about in a long time. It was easy to forget at some points that she didn't have a power. Besides Kenna you have a cast of villains and heroes who are on the run, wanting to rescue Deacon, and Kenna's mother but also stop the heroes and their twisted forms of torture. The banter between this group was awesome. There were many moments when I laughed out loud at something that was said. There was a bit of romance in Powerless. I think that Kenna's feelings for Draven (a villain) really showed her that not every villain is bad as society has told her they are. 

There were a few things that I did have issues with though. The difference between heroes and villain wasn't touched up much, you catch something about a marker here and there but what makes them what they are? Also, is the whole world a hero or villain or are they a secret society? There were a few things that weren't talked about that I hope are expended upon in the next book. 

Overall I really did enjoy Powerless. It was a fun read, that I'm going to recommend to all superhero junkies. This is my first run with Tera Lynn Childs & Tracy Deebs, so it is safe to say that I will be reading more from them soon.


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  1. I have this one waiting on my TBR for me. Now that I know you enjoyed it, I'm even more excited to read it :) Maybe that will encourage me to get to it faster. haha

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs


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