Introducing The 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour Sign Ups!

Summer is coming, and we couldn't be more ready for it here at The Book Bratz! Our favorite part of the summer is definitely our Summer Blogger Promo Tour (meme to come), which was unveiled for the very first season here last year. For those of you who have never heard of it, a quick explanation (and even if you followed or participated in the tour last year, some things have changed a little bit):

There are 9 Sundays in July/August total. We're going to be selecting 40 book bloggers (although the more the merrier - if we surpass 40, we will make it work and it'll be awesome! CHANGE AS OF 6.2.15: Due to the overwhelming volume of bloggers that signed up, our cutoff is going to have to officially be at 56.). The bloggers will be divided into various groups of 8. Each blogger in the lineup will put up a post on their blog every Sunday throughout July and August. Each week, your post will be featuring another book blogger involved in the tour. (You will be emailed a schedule in late June that will tell you which book bloggers to feature on which Sunday.) You could do an interview with the blogger, explain what you like about their blog, something fun or creative, a booktuber collaboration, etc. Whatever you want--it's up to you! All you have to do is make sure that post basically swags out the assigned blogger/book blog. In return, they'll do the same for you and your blog when it comes time for them to cover yours.

So long story short, you will be given a schedule of 8 different bloggers to collab with on your own blog each Sunday throughout the summer. (There are 9 weeks this summer, though, and the 9th week will be your wrap-up post.) You will be given the contact information for all of the blogs you have to feature, and it will be your responsibility to reach out to the scheduled blogger each week and come up with an idea of what to do on your blog.

Some of the awesome things that took place last year were book quizzes, interviews, trivia games, fancasts, book discussions, co-reviews, guest reviews, and more! 

The way the rotation will work is that all of the 8 blogs in your group (there will be Groups A - E) will be featured each week. Your blog will be talked about on 8 other blogs at different points for 8 entire weeks. (For the 9th week, everyone will be doing a wrap-up post about their tour experience, otherwise you'd be swagging out YOUR blog for the 9th week, which makes no sense). The purpose of this tour is just to highlight new and different YA book bloggers and get to get the word out and learn about them and promote them, while having them do the same for you in return.

Every Sunday throughout July and August will be filled with interviews, discussions, shoutouts, and tons of other fun! This is going to be a super awesome tour that we're so excited for--and we launch on July 5th

So many awesome friendships have been formed through the Summer Blogger Promo Tour last year, and this year will be just as awesome! Some awesome friends we met and bonded with over the 2014 tour were: Dana Square, EndlesslyreadingAna Loves...The YA ClubCaught Read HandedInk on the ShelfThe YA's Nightstand and SJ Bouquet!

So, how do you sign up?

Sign ups for the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour will be taking place from now until Wednesday, June 24th. CHANGE: Due to the overwhelming amount of responses, the cutoff will officially be at 56 bloggers. If that number is reached before June 24th, signups will be closed. After that date sign ups will be closed and you will all receive a welcome email and another email with your individual tour schedule! Absolutely every blogger that signs up for the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour will be given a spot on the tour. CHANGE: Every one of the first 56 bloggers to sign up for the tour will be given spots on the tour. All blogs, big or small, are welcome! 

The only thing we ask is that before you sign up for the tour, you make sure that you are definitely able to put a tour post up on your blog every Sunday of July and August. The tour posts do NOT have to be the top post of the day, so if you have another event scheduled on your blog, double-posting is fine. We just ask that everyone signing up for the tour promises ahead of time not to slack off - because if other bloggers are sticking to their schedule and promoting you, but then YOU slack off and skip the day you're supposed to promote THEM, that isn't very fair. So everyone has to promise to work together and be on-time! :-)

Signups for the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour have been capped off. See you all on the tour!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about and sign up for the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour - we can't wait to see you this summer! :-)


  1. This sounds like so much fun - I can't wait for the tour to launch!

  2. I signed up! This sounds so awesome!
    Wonderful idea! :))

  3. Just what I needed in order not to waste my summer in blogging laziness ;).

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  5. What an awesome idea guys - bummer I only just found out about this - But I'll be looking on in awe xox - KJ

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