Let's Talk: Books That You Just Can't Get Into

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As most bloggers understand, often we don't have enough time to drag out a book we aren't interested in for days. We have other books that demand our attention. (ARCs especially) But we all have that book every once in awhile that we really wanted to like but couldn't get into. Recently I started A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, I liked the idea behind it and I love Sarah's writing but I just can't focus on in. Its taken me four days so far and I have only read 150 pages and I will probably end up DNFing it at this point. 

I find when books are over hyped, like ACOTR was I am less likley to enjoy it. No matter how much I was looking forward to it. Which I was hoping wasn't the case this time around. 

But my questions is for other readers/bloggers: 

What do you so when you face this problem? Do you DNF and start fresh? Push through? 


  1. I can't stand not finishing a book, it feels like I've betrayed it. If I end DNFing a book then there must have been something I could not stand about it.

  2. I really don't like not finishing a book but if there is something I just don't like or I am bored, it may be a DNF. I hate when that happens though because I'll always wonder if it got better at the end.

  3. I DNF, sometimes with no problems that I did. I try to go back and give the book a second chance but most of the times, its another DNF. It happens but there are so many other books out there, I see it as a sign.

  4. When I try and cannot seem to get into a book that I was really looking forward to, I always put it aside for a while, a sort of DNF for now... and then try to go back to it at a late time.
    If I dread going back to it, I just DNF proper, if not... sometimes taking a break means I end up enjoying it more, because it might not have been the right time at the moment!


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