Amber's Going on a Hiatus ... For a While

I hate to write this post. I really do because in doing this I am leaving a huge part of myself behind. Before my hiatus's were only a few weeks. I expect this one to be a few months long. Right now my life is crazy, I'm in the process of getting a job, I have to finish high school, I have prom coming up then graduation, then starting college. Most say that that is nothing, but to me it is a lot to handle. Especially when you have mental health concerns stacked on top of that (Read more about that here.) I am not saying I won't be back. I will be, I can't leave The Book Bratz forever, as I said it is my baby. But right now it's the best choice for me. I still have a few reviews to go up, so I won't be totally gone but after that I will be doing very little, if any blog work. 

I love all of our followers and friends we made, I will try to keep up on social media and communicate that way but for now this is a see you later. But thank you for all your love and support, and the support I know you will give me in this decision. Thank you and once again I hope you all stick around because it will be kick ass when I come back!!! 

Amber signing off. 


  1. Take all the time that you need. We are just behind you, full support on whatever is the best for you. :)

  2. Real life comes first. Stay strong and enjoy this exciting time of your life. <3


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