ARC Review: No Kissing Allowed by Melissa West (Blog Tour + Giveaway)

"Perhaps. But I’m guessing you could use my lips right about now.”

Title: No Kissing Allowed 
Author: Melissa West 
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance 
Source: NetGalley 
Publisher: Entangled Embrace 
Publication Date: July 28th, 2015

Armed with her besties, an embarrassing number of shots, and her list of 10 Wild Things To Do Before Adulthood, recent grad Cameron Lawson is partying it up before she starts her dream job at New York's biggest ad agency. Her last task? Hook up with a random guy. And while it's so not her style, the super-sexy guy sitting next to her is definitely game. No names. No details. At least, that was the plan. On her first day of work, Cameron discovers her hook-up is none other than Aidan Truitt—her new boss's boss. Talk about failing the “no fraternizing with coworkers” policy on an epic level. Especially when Aidan makes it clear their one night was only the beginning. Falling for him could cost her everything, but sometimes the only way to get what you want is by breaking a few rules...

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I read Melissa's other NA series and thought that nothing else she could write would top it. I was wrong. No Kissing Allowed is full of angst, a taboo relationship and tons of steam. I was on vacation with family and some friends and I hid in a corner for two hours and just devoured this. All I can say is this: Aidan has been added to my very long list of book boyfriends. 

Cameron has never let go before, she loves structure. With her life officially taking off, her and her two besties make a list of 10 things to do before adulthood. Her last task? Hook up with a stranger. No problem. That is until she walks into work and learns that she had a one night stand with her boss. Aidan is honest with her from the start, he doesn't do romance or relationships, but he wants something with her. Cameron's new job has a "No fraternizing with co-workers" policy something the protect the female workers from the ovary explosion called Aidan. That could potentially end in both Cameron and Aiden in big trouble with the Partners if they are find out. But love is always worth breaking the rules. 

For the most part I really liked Cameron, you can see that she worked hard for what she wanted in her life. She broke away from a large family in the west, survived her father's unexpected death, and scored a once in a life time job at a HUGE advertisement company. She explains in the first chapter that she liked structure, and hooking up with a  stranger is not structure. But she goes along with it anyway because she HATES to loose. My biggest issue with Cameron was she always wanted more then what Aidan could offer her. They broke the rules for their "relationship" to begin with, and every time Aidan gave in Cameron would want more. Maybe I don't understand because I am young, but Aidan was doing the best he could. I also think another reason I has issues with Cameron was because I saw a lot of myself in her.

Aidan didn't have a great childhood, and because he was terrified to become like his father he swore he would never enter a committed relationship, marry, have kids, ect. Things changed when he met Cameron though. All the walls he spent years building up would crash when ever they would talk. But holy crap. I would have loved for this book to alternate POVs so I would have be able to see into his head. There is always something about the forbidden/taboo relationship that will always have me devouring a book. A relationship between a boss and a worker seems to be my favorite. For a good part of the book I wanted to reach my hands in and smash their faces together. This book had so much angst. And steam. Especially Steam. 

Alexa was a character I had many issues with. I knew from the time Cameron befriended her that Alexa would be the reason that the company would find out about Aidan and Cameron's relationship. All Alexa wanted was a promotion and was searching for any skeletons in anyone's closet to exploit. She was just a fake person. I hate back stabbing people. Then what does she do? She quits her job. Really? Ugh. 

Overall I really loved No Kissing Allowed. The characters were great and the need to know what would happen between Cameron and Aidan will leave you reading. I do hope that we get books about Cameron's friends as well. I am not quite ready to let them all go quite yet. 


About the Author: 

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Melissa West writes heartfelt Southern romance and teen sci-fi romance, all with lots of kissing. Because who doesn't like kissing? She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction. Connect with Melissa at or on Twitter @MB_West.


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  1. the cover is BEAUTIFUL!
    i would love to read this book!
    thank you for the blog post and giveaway!

  2. Fun review! I'm a sucker for new adult contemporary and the whole "forbidden relationship" thing is another draw. I'm not familiar with Melissa West but need to check her out.


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