ARC August (I Signed Up!)

Octavia @ ReadSleepRepeat put together ARC August as a chance for her and other fellow bloggers get caught up on their ARCs. I've been slipping on ARCs and I really think this is going to help me catch up on them all again!

If you want to learn more about ARC August check out the sign-up post!

Here is the run down of the rules: 

  • It may be a physical ARC or and eARC but it MUST be an ARC
  • Yes it can be an ARC that has released as long as it’s an ARC I’m not going to nit pick much
  • HAVE FUN WITH THIS! Feeling like you are being “forced” to read is the best way turn a fun event into a yucky obligation.
  • Update post! I personally will do a post for each Saturday in August but that’s just me. You can update once a week, every other week or once for the whole darn event. This update can be in the form of a blog or tumblr post, vlog, link to your “ARC August 2015″ shelf or even an instagram pic! I want to make this as easy and low pressure as possible for you.


My goal is to read between  15-20+ ARCs in the month of August

Books to Read:

That is 27 books! I do plan on reading some before ARC August starts so the list will be a little shorter when the time comes. But yes, I have a problem with requesting too many eARCs *sigh* 

Are you signing up for ARC August? If so, what are your goals for that month?


  1. Thanks for participating in ARC August! You have an AWESOME selection, good luck! :D

  2. I have Illuminae waiting for me too! I think it will have to wait for September though as I have a long list of books coming out on September 1st. Yikes!

  3. Girl your list is totally looking like mine!! We shall conquer!! Good luck!
    <3 Britt

  4. I'm participating in this as well. I'm hoping to read 15 books, but don't know if I will be able to do it. This is also a good way to get the Review pile down.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. Good luck with your challenge! I've been wanting to check out Dreamland though I've tried requesting it and have gotten denied, so I'll be looking forward to your review on it! Illuminae is one that I'm eagerly anticipating as well.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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