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Welcome to the third stop of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour, hosted by us ladies at The Book Bratz! This is a summer-long tour where we'll be introducing you to different book bloggers and their awesome blogs every Sunday - if you're interested in learning more about the tour, click here!

Today we have Danielle from BiblioSmiles here to talk about her blog's creation and also some of her favorite pieces that she's featured! (For those who don't know, it will be explained in the guest post, but Danielle's blog is a huge collaboration of dozens upon dozens of writers and readers and their material!) Without further ado, here's Danielle's guest post!

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One day, I daydreamed of owning a little space on the internet where I could talk about something near and dear to my heart: books! Now, I knew reading was a solitary experience, best done in a comfy chair with a warm mug of tea at your side. But I wanted my little space on the internet to be a place for bookworms to look up from their books and talk about the things that excited them.
Reading may be a solitary experience, but the joy we receive from it should be shared.
And with that thought, BiblioSmiles was born.
I messaged some of my college friends (some writers, all readers) and told them about my idea. Whether they chose to contribute once or contribute regularly, I hoped they share their thoughts on books and reading on BiblioSmiles.
That was in February of 2014. Now I’ve had almost thirty contributors on the site, and I’m so happy about that! Between my own book reviews, event recaps, and interviews, I’m glad to be able to give others the chance to have their voice heard. Today, Amber and Jessica have asked me to share some of my favorite BiblioSmiles posts with you. And while it would be easy to say “everything I’ve written,” I wanted to shine the spotlight on some of my contributors. This little spot on the internet is a heck of a lot brighter with them around.
Andrew’s essays are always poetic and beautifully-written. Click here and swoon with me; this guy knows how to write about a typewriter!
Emily is both a book junkie and a cinema junkie. I love her post on discovering female screenwriters.
Nail art is such a big trend right now – and Taylor of Novels and Nail Polish combines her love for nail art with her love for books! Her beautifully-photographed designs and well-written blog entries make Novels and Nail Polish a must-visit in the blogosphere. Read her guest post here.
To go along with the fashion and books trend: one of my favorite bloggers (and a fellow SUNY Purchase creative writing grad!), Sara Strauss, visited BiblioSmiles and shared some Bookworm Fashion Inspiration. Sara has a real knack for putting together outfits inspired by new novels, old classics, and favorite characters. Be sure to give her blog, Sincerely, Sara, a visit!
If you’ve been reading BiblioSmiles for a while, I’m sure you’ve gotten quite used to seeing Gabriele’s name here! Gabriele is constantly coming up with cool ideas and she’s excited to share each and every one with you readers. While you can read all of her posts here, I wanted to highlight two series of posts she’s been working on: her Literary Crush series profiles authors and their work.  Her Critters in Literature posts are dedicated to literature’s most famous creatures.
I want to thank Jessica and Amber for hosting this amazing Summer Blogger Promo Tour and for having me on their blog! I hope you’ll stop by BiblioSmiles and read what we have to say. I would be more than thrilled to hear from some of you who may like to contribute as well!
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About Danielle

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Danielle Villano is a New Jersey native and a graduate of the SUNY Purchase creative writing program. She lives in New York City and should be working on her YA novel instead of going to brunch. She blogs at BiblioSmiles, and can be reached on Twitter as @daniellevillano.
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We'd like to extend a huge thank you to Danielle for stopping over at our blog and talking all about BiblioSmiles. Her blog is definitely unique and creative, and we encourage everyone to go submit something! You could be a blogger submitting a guest post, a reader submitting a review, an author willing to do an interview, etc. There are tons of ways to submit to BiblioSmiles and you can check out all of your options by clicking here!

Check back next Sunday, when we'll be featuring Naomi from The Perks of Being a Bookworm!
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  1. Danielle's blog is so cute, and I love the way it's put together. I've actually been thinking about contributing something soon. :)


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