Review: Expelled by Emmy Laybourne

Title: Expelled (Sweet #0.5) 
Author: Emmy Laybourne
Genre: Science Fiction 
Source: Amazon
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: May 5th 2015
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"She has lost sixty pounds in just over six weeks! With no side effects." Li Jing knows that her research, the weight-loss compound she's developed, will change millions and millions of lives. Any risk is worth it to succeed. Unfortunately, the school board doesn't agree, and Li Jing has been expelled with a permanent black mark on her record that will keep her from ever getting a PhD... Apparently conducting unauthorized trials on human subjects is frowned upon-no matter how willing the subject was or how well the compound worked. Author Emmy Laybourne shares the chilling story behind the miracle weight-loss drug, SOLU, in this prequel story to her new novel SWEET.


Here is my biggest issue now, in Sweet I thought they never knew that the addiction and then turning into a zombie (I am kidding....well, sorta) side effect was part of Solu. Now is Expelled, it is shown that is ALWAYS has been. How did they not fix this!? Maybe it was a marketing thing but they saw how horrible the results were on Carolann! Especially with how Sweet ended, the world is pretty much over after this! 

I don't know why I was under the impression that Li Jing was an older woman in Sweet, she was still in college in the novella, having just been expelled because of her experiments. In Sweet there wasn't much about Li Jing, so we never got to fully understand how Solu really came to be and how she ended up working for the owner of the biggest soda company in the world. I liked how Emmy included Li Jing's father into the mix, implying he is an abusive alcoholic and some sketchy things done to get Li Jing into this college in the first place. 

Sadly, there isn't enough writing for me to actually reviewed Expelled properly, but I figured since I never reviewed Sweet I can feel some what accomplished with these book. But, Expelled is a really good prequel to an amazingly creepy, realistic story about weight loss. 


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